The Value of Storytelling
It's a healing process. It's about sharing a story with someone else. That's what builds the fabric of our lives. It's that connection.

We at Pink Ribbon Story Foundation provide a platform for those affected by breast cancer to share their stories and knowledge while building an active support community providing hope and guidance.

With breast cancer, every woman’s story is different, but there is a common thread that binds all of us together who have had to go through this. There is a common experience. -- Louise G.

We believe that when women and their families share their experiences regarding their breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, physical and emotional challenges, and subsequent triumphs it helps both the storyteller and the listener through the healing powers inherent in "narrative medicine." By telling their unique life stories, these women underscore the positive impact of bonding with those similarly afflicted and together they can better advocate for themselves and the newly diagnosed.

"I had no other way to deal with it except to tell everybody what I was going through."
"I wish I had more information about the emotional tribulations that other women had gone through."
"No two breast cancers are exactly the same. Our feelings aren't exactly the same, but we can comfort each other without words."
"The more you can talk about it, the healthier it is."
"What a tool. What a valuable way to find somebody that is going through what you're going through."
"I started journaling early on when I was diagnosed. I would write down the positives, the blessings."
"I think it helps people to talk about it. I think that it comforts people to see that other people are surviving it."
"Don't ever let anybody tell you how you feel about this. This is yours. Everybody reacts differently."