Cancer and Spirituality
Going through cancer, I think I definitely kept my perspective and kept my spirituality.

The effects of breast cancer are not purely physical. A cancer diagnosis challenges women emotionally. It changes how they see themselves, how they value their lives, and how they envision their future. Once diagnosed, women experience fear, anxiety and disbelief. It is a natural reaction for some to question their relationship with God or wonder why things like “cancer” happen to people. Why did it happen to them?

My relationship with God was that rock that I clung to when I didn’t know what else to do. I just held on and He was with me at every point in my weakness. He held my hand and He never left my side and that's how I got through that year.” -- Elizabeth K.

Life takes on new meaning post-diagnosis. Many describe the blessings of a cancer diagnosis. They have a new appreciation for life and the simple blessings that fill every day.

For every woman, her relationship with God, as it relates to her breast cancer journey, is uniquely personal. Coming to terms with the mixed emotions, accepting the diagnosis, and understanding the role that God plays in each woman’s individual life is an important step in becoming well, physically and spiritually.

"I came across a book of faith. All of a sudden everything became perfectly clear to me. I was just going to put this in God's hands."
"My children are going to watch me through this. I was determined they were going to see my faith in God and we were going to get through it."
"When I'm afraid I will trust in you."
"I have a very strong faith. That is truly what got me through."
"I would say my faith is far stronger. It's really taught me to focus on the next thing and to trust God."
"I believe that everything is for a reason. God puts you where you're supposed to be."
"I thank God often for little things. I view blessings a little differently now."
I don't know that I feel stronger, I think I'm more blessed and empathetic."