It's a Sisterhood
It’s the best sorority with the worst initiation

Each woman with a breast cancer diagnosis is wonderfully unique. Our stories are deeply personal and uniquely our own. Every treatment plan is specific and every battle waged is on the front line of our individual lives. Even so, all breast cancer patients, whether a survivor or currently in treatment, are bound by a commonality that unites us. We are individuals, but we are a community of one. “It’s a sisterhood.”

You can’t explain how much more meaningful it is to get information and advice from another patient. They’ve been there. They’ve travelled the same path. They understand in totality what you’re thinking and what you’re going through. -- Amy M.

We can learn from each other in ways we cannot learn from others. We can support one another in ways that others are not able to support us. We can understand one another in ways no one else can understand. We have a special opportunity to help each other by sharing our common experiences and common load. We empower one another by providing our insight and wisdom, and most importantly, we inspire each other by living full, beautiful lives.

"We can comfort each other without words."
"There's this network of women out there that have gone through this and want to help in any way they can."
"It was like a partnership. It's safe to talk about with them because they get it."
"The best advice I have for other women is to talk to other women. They can tell you a lot more than any doctor can."
"If I didn't have that it would have been a real missing piece to my recovery."
"They just seemed okay. They were fine. That's what helped me a lot."
"I was able to ask a lot of questions and look to see what to expect. I've returned that favor to other patients several times and I'm always glad to do it."
"I've met some amazing women. I have a separate folder in my phone of my breast cancer buddies."