Accepting Support
It takes great strength to lean on other people and to allow other people to be strong for you.

Many women make a life out of doing for others and accomplishing much. We’ve learned to run our households, ferry our children, succeed in the workplace, and volunteer in our communities.

I have a hard time accepting help from anybody, but I learned that that's why there are so many people in this world … I let them not only help me, but I accepted that they wanted to do it. They weren't doing it because I asked them to do it. They were doing it because they wanted to do it. -- Sandi T.

A cancer diagnosis temporarily changes a woman’s ability to manage her life and care for those around her. It instead renders her in need of help and support, herself. For some, this switching of roles can be very challenging. Working through a breast cancer diagnosis and treatment plan is physically and mentally challenging.

It is a good time to embrace those around you who are there to offer support. Accept their love, kindness and generosity. Let them help with meals, errands, and driving. Allow them to be the listening ears and strong shoulders that every woman navigating a cancer diagnosis needs.

"It takes great strength to lean on other people and to allow other people to be strong for you."
"I can't imagine doing it on my own."
"I'm very blessed to have parents that were very supportive of me."
"Our family's very close. Whatever strength we have we get from each other."
"You do need that emotional help and you don't want everyone to just disappear at that time."
"I had no choice but to let other people look after me because I couldn't do it myself."
"This is the dad that took care of me when I was sick. Our relationship is a lot deeper than it used to be."
"In the beginning, I couldn't let anybody do anything for me. That's my personality."