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Receiving regular breast cancer screenings is critical to early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. When it comes to testing for breast cancer there is far more you can do than just receive an annual mammography, though you should absolutely … Continue reading

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One of the main reasons we tell patients who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to stay optimistic is the amazing amount of breast cancer research being done at all times. Doctors, scientists and experts from all over the world … Continue reading

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Recent years have shown us a decrease in the breast cancer mortality rate around the world. This seems to be the result of advancements in breast cancer treatments, medicine and surgical techniques, combined with heightened breast cancer awareness. Below we … Continue reading

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“The only person who can save you is you: that was going to be the thing that informed the rest of my life.” – Sheryl Crow The American Cancer Society estimates that this year alone, about 231,840 new cases of … Continue reading

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Despite countless awareness campaigns and the media’s vast coverage, there continues to be numerous misconceptions and controversies surrounding breast cancer symptoms, risks, prevention, early detection and treatment. In turn, a lot of this misinformation can be overwhelming and often cause … Continue reading

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In our previous blog titled “Did You Know: Breast Cancer Facts,” we reminded those that have been diagnosed with breast cancer how important it is to be knowledgeable about all aspects of breast cancer. Whatever your source may be—the internet, … Continue reading

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After receiving a $900,000 three-year grant from the Centers for Disease Control, the Georgia Department of Health along with the Georgia Center for Oncology Research and Education will begin a program in Macon, Georgia to test and advise women who have a family history of breast cancer.

The program—the Georgia Breast Cancer Genomics Education, Surveillance, and Policy Program—was formed for multiple reasons, the chief one being to test a new screening process to identify and advise women who may have a hereditary disposition for the breast cancer gene. Proponents of the program hope that a more thorough screening process to determine which women actually need genetic testing to determine predisposition toward breast cancer may mean that more insurance companies will be willing to cover testing in the future.

The project will also work to give both doctors and patients more information about breast cancer genetic testing. Continue reading

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