Using Breast Thermography to Test for Breast Cancer

Receiving regular breast cancer screenings is critical to early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. When it comes to testing for breast cancer there is far more you can do than just receive an annual mammography, though you should absolutely not stop doing that. Today we’ll be focusing on a different kind of breast cancer screen that can be used to supplement your mammogram: breast thermography.

Using Breast Thermography to Test for Breast CancerThermography, also known as thermal imaging, uses an infrared camera to measure the temperature of the skin on the breast’s surface. Thermography is based on two central ideas:

1.) Since cancer cells grow and multiply faster than healthy ones, blood flow and metabolism will be higher in a cancerous tumor.

2.) Skin temperature will rise as the blood flow and metabolism increase.

A breast thermograph uses ultra-sensitive cameras and computers to produce high-resolution images that can detect this potential increase in temperature.

Breast thermography is a non-invasive test that does not involve using radiation. It looks for clear abnormalities in one of the tested woman’s breast that do not appear on the other breast. The testing itself is typically quick (around 15 minutes). And unlike a mammogram, breast thermography is “non-compressive,” meaning the patients breasts will not be uncomfortably squeezed during testing.

You should not think of breast thermography as a replacement for a mammogram. Breast thermography is not able to detect breast cancer that is deeper in the breast tissue. Instead, thermography is best used as a way to supplement the results of your mammogram and help identify cancers that appear closer to the skin’s surface. Typically, the results of a thermograph test are used for record keeping as a baseline during future screenings. By combining breast thermography with regular mammograms and clinical exams, we believe women may have the greatest chance to spot and diagnose breast cancer when it is still in its early stages.

A woman’s breast cancer treatment options can be greatly increased by catching it early. While, breast thermography cannot diagnose breast cancer on its own, it has the potential to identify early warning signs and contribute to an early detection and diagnosis. For more information on breast cancer screening or to share your personal breast cancer story with the world, contact Pink Ribbon Story Foundation today. And please follow along with us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for more breast cancer news and updates.

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