The Power of Spirituality during Breast Cancer

The Power of Spirituality during Breast CancerSpirituality can mean different things to different people. Faith or spirituality doesn’t necessarily equate to religion. Some of the ambassadors at Pink Ribbon Story Foundation (PRSF) believe that there is a link between spirituality and cancer. A solid belief structure can have immense benefits during breast cancer treatment and recovery, regardless of which form one’s spirituality takes. We’ve seen many women who have even thought their breast cancer diagnosis allowed them to have a new appreciation for life and a fresh perspective on the simple things that fill every day.

Faith can be a powerful tool. Maintaining a belief in some form of higher power can help keep your spirits high and your outlook positive while coping with breast cancer. It can also do wonders to alleviate breast cancer-related stress and anxiety. We’d like to share the stories of two of our ambassadors at PRSF who experienced firsthand the profound effects of spirituality during their fight with breast cancer:

I have a very strong faith. That is truly what got me through: PRSF Breast Cancer Ambassador Lisa W.

“I found a large lump on my breast and went in and had it checked. Got a phone call, the worst ever, saying that it was cancerous and it was the size of a Snickers bar. I literally fell apart. That night I went to bed and I was so angry and I told the Lord ‘I have a very strong faith that I can’t do this without you.’ Faith is a hard thing to explain, but that is truly what got me through.”

Your spirituality can have just as profound an effect after you beat breast cancer as it does during your treatment. PRSF ambassador Beth T. explains how beating breast cancer changed her perspective:

I think I’m more blessed and empathetic: PRSF Breast Cancer Ambassador Beth T.

“I don’t know that I feel stronger. I think I’m more blessed and I’m more aware and empathetic to everyone, in all kinds of situations. Anybody can go through this cancer and survive it, but to appreciate what it does for you afterwards and the need to help others going through it is still strong in me right now.”

Every woman’s spirituality and how it relates to her breast cancer journey is unique and personal. Even if you’re not spiritual or religious, there is still value in maintaining a positive outlook during and after your breast cancer diagnosis. The mind’s influence over the body can be an incredibly powerful thing. If you have questions about breast cancer or if you are interested in becoming one of our breast cancer ambassadors, contact Pink Ribbon Story Foundation today.

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  1. Carol says:

    I am still very angry at myself for this. I am not a spiritual person and I do not find comfort in anything now

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