Don’t be Afraid to Share Your Breast Cancer Story

A battle with breast cancer can be a frightening, alienating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. Though it may be intimidating, we at PRSF believe in the value of storytelling. Sharing your experiences, whether they relate to your breast cancer diagnosis, treatment, or whatever else, often helps both the storyteller and the listener through the healing powers of “narrative medicine.”

Every person has a unique breast cancer experience, which means everyone has their own breast cancer story. By sharing these unique stories, we can spread the positive impact of bonding with those similarly afflicted and help tackle breast cancer together as a united family. Thankfully, the ambassadors at PRSF are here to explain how sharing your breast cancer story can do wonders for you and the people in your life:

I Had No Other Way to Deal with it: PRSF Breast Cancer Ambassador Laura C.

“I had no other way to deal with it but to tell everybody what I was going through. People were really kind to listen to me and just let me talk. A lot of times when you talk people feel like they have to help you or fix you. I didn’t need that. I just needed to be able to talk about it. Everybody is walking the same path, but they’re just on different parts. And sometimes you meet up and sometimes you don’t. You can find a breast cancer survivor and relate to them in some way. Whether you had the same surgery or the same drugs, it’s more about what you felt than what you did. It’s a sisterhood.”

We understand that expressing your emotions to others doesn’t come naturally to everyone, especially during such a scary, tumultuous time. Even just putting your feelings into a daily log or journal can go a long way towards lifting some of the burden of breast cancer off of your back. PRSF ambassador Donna C. explains the power of sharing your breast cancer story with the world:

Write Down the Positives, the Blessings: PRSF Breast Cancer Ambassador Donna C.

“You have to look at the good things that came out of it. You cannot focus on the negative things. I started journaling early on when I was diagnosed. Every time I would journal I would write down about that particular incident or day; the positives, the blessings. You can find something positive in anything. And if you keep that attitude I think you can survive anything.”

Whether you’re speaking to a group of fellow breast cancer patients, having a heart-to-heart with a friend or loved one, or simply writing an entry into your journal, getting your feelings off your chest can provide immense relief. Building and accepting breast cancer support is a crucial part of any breast cancer journey, and sharing yourself and your unique experience with the world is an excellent way to build your support group and put something positive into the world. If you are interested in sharing your story and becoming one of our breast cancer ambassadors, contact Pink Ribbon Story Foundation today.

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