Real Information from Real Women: Seeking Support from PRSF’s Breast Cancer Survivors

“I am one of the millions of survivors out there, doing well and inspiring others.” — PRSF ambassador, Liana M.

Life after breast cancerPink Ribbon Story Foundation’s mission is to provide a platform for those affected by breast cancer to share their stories and build an active support community providing hope and guidance.  Our PRSF ambassadors are the inspiration behind creating America’s breast cancer memoir, the country’s leading video narrative source for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Serving as an interactive breast cancer resource for women and their families, our PRSF breast cancer survivors share their incredible breast cancer stories to remind women that not only are they not alone, but they are supported by a sisterhood. By allowing these women to tell their stories, they are opening up a pathway of communication, helping others to know what comes next, what to expect, and how to live life after breast cancer.

“Knowing someone is there for you is a big relief. I want to reach out to people who don’t have any resources or help or someone to talk to.” — PRSF ambassador, Beth T.

What makes our ambassadors so vital to the foundation is that they are women that are just like you, of all ages and walks of life and have experienced the physical and emotional challenges of breast cancer. Breast cancer is a devastating disease, and we are so honored to play a role in the recovery journey of so many breast cancer patients and survivors. We are so thankful for our ambassadors and admire their courage and commitment to serving as mentors for their fellow breast cancer sisters as they navigate through their unique breast cancer journeys.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer this is one week now

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