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For most women over 40, a mammogram is a yearly inconvenience. No one looks forward to it. However, mammograms help detect breast cancer, which, if found in its earliest stages, can be treated and fought effectively.

In a recent segment on the television show The Doctors, fitness and health expert Jillian Michaels revealed that she had never had a mammogram. After her gynecologist recommended she go through the breast cancer screening beginning at age 35, Michaels says she put it off because she was afraid of what the results may say: “I race motorcycles. I swam with great white sharks. That’s not the kind of stuff that really does scare me… For me a mammogram forces me to ask a question that I don’t want to ask right now.”

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Breast cancer is devastating to those it affects as well as their families. Breast cancer treatment via chemotherapy and radiation takes its toll on the body, and if that’s not enough to deal with, reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Allen Gabriel, of Washington State says he’s noticed an increased number of breast cancer patients who are not informed of their rights and options for breast reconstruction surgery.

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