Information and the Internet
I think that Internet research can be very confusing. I think that people have to remember that everything that's written isn't necessarily true.

Gone are the days of libraries and card catalogs. The Internet has transformed our world in many respects, perhaps none as profoundly as how we seek and find information.

Arm yourself with information. Knowledge is power. Make sure if you're on the websites, go to reputable websites. There's a lot of misinformation about breast cancer out there. -- Liana M.

As a woman diagnosed with breast cancer, it will be imperative for you to empower yourself with information regarding your treatment options, surgical decisions, and medications. Knowledge is power.

For many, one of the first resources they will turn to is the web. It is essential to remember that although the Internet is a powerful tool, not all of it’s content is reliable. Misinformation will add to your fear and confusion. You need to visit only trusted sites and sources and then discuss your research with your doctor.

Remember that blogs are not objective. Statistics are just a reflection of averages, they are not specific to you or your unique story. All breast cancers are not the same.

We, at Pink Ribbon Story Foundation, hope to provide you with real information from real women who have already traveled the journey of a breast cancer diagnosis. We encourage you to reach out to us or find someone with a similar diagnosis and treatment plan. Do your research, but most importantly, find a team of doctors that you trust to offer guidance and a support network to provide help and encouragement.

I looked at community forums and blogs about breast cancer. I didn't really find what I was looking for. It all seemed very alarming."
"There's all kinds of interesting things written there, usually negative, because if things are positive, people don't take the time to write about it."
"I think internet research on breast cancer can be very confusing."
"My doctor's told me to get off of the computer, so I tried to follow that."
"We end up going on the computer. We research, we see all of these horrific pictures. It's truly overwhelming."
"After I was diagnosed, I was going down this rabbit hole of information on the internet."