Importance of Reconstruction
I hate that word survivor. I do not just want to survive, I want to thrive. Reconstruction is part of thriving.

For women who undergo a mastectomy as part of their breast cancer treatment plan, treating their cancer is not just about eradicating the tumor, it’s also about restoring the “whole”. Reconstructing and restoring their breasts to their pre-cancer appearance is an integral part of their recovery.

I guess I was blessed because I knew that I had that option to have reconstruction. A lot of people don't choose it. You're a woman. You think of yourself as having breasts. I went for maybe six months without a breast. It was okay, but I just wanted to feel me again. I just wanted to feel like a woman. -- Lisa W.

Approximately 70% of women who undergo a mastectomy are not aware of their rights in regards to insurance coverage or the constantly evolving, ever-improving reconstructive options that make beautiful reconstruction possible.

Reconstruction is not about vanity. For many women, the absence of breasts is a sobering, daily reminder of their cancer. Looking in the mirror and not feeling whole, or like a woman, impacts their self-esteem, their confidence, their sexuality and their ability to move forward post-treatment, post-cancer.

Discuss your reconstruction options with your plastic surgeon. Look within yourself, how important is reconstruction to your feelings about femininity and “self”? Only you can decide what is best for you.

"The mastectomy was something that my mother's generation really feared."
"I went for six months without a breast. I wanted to feel like me again. I wanted to feel like a woman."
"I just cannot imagine to have to go through something like that and to not have reconstruction. How devastating that would be."
"I really struggled. It was easier for me not to go anywhere."
"It would be a constant reminder that they've had breast cancer."
"I have a result that never would I have anticipated. That has brought a sense of wholeness to me that I did not think I would have again."
"I think you should look into reconstruction. It's going to make you feel better."
"One of my best friends never had any reconstruction. She was so sad."