You're Going To Be Okay
I look back and I think that it just seemed like it would take a really long time and it's really just a small part of so much more life that we have.

“You’re going to be okay.” Those words may sound hollow while in the middle of cancer treatment. Will life ever be the same? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by doctor’s appointments, decisions to be made, bad news and apprehension. It’s hard to imagine that there will come a day when this will all be behind you: a day when you will feel good and happy.

I was where you were. And you're going to get through this. You just have to take a day at a time and you need to know that there is an end. Carry on fighting, persevering, and showing the will of the human spirit. Don't give up. -- Kim J.

A cancer diagnosis, along with the subsequent surgeries and treatments, is challenging to be sure, but there will come a time when treatment will end. There will come a time when the days you don’t think about cancer outnumber the days in which you do. You will be able to look ahead instead of remembering what’s behind. The wounds will heal and the scars will fade.

The journey from where you are now to a place of healing will be filled with peaks and valleys. Focus on today, find happiness in the ordinary and trust, “You’re going to be okay.”

"How you approach a cancer diagnosis is probably similar to how you approach any other hardship in your life."
"It makes you think about all of the great things in this day."
"We need to speak out about our wellness after cancer."
"Remember to breathe and focus on everyday and moving forward."
"I hate the word survivor. Who wants to just survive? I am determined to thrive."
"You'll get through it."
"You have to look on the bright side of everything. Hopefully I'll be stronger to face other things down the road."
"In the beginning, you don't think there will ever be a day you don't think about it. It just takes time."