Learning to Laugh
Your sense of humor changes. It becomes breast cancer humor. We laugh about stuff.

When first diagnosed, it’s easy to believe that there will never come a time when life will feel normal again. It’s hard to imagine a day when the word “cancer” won’t feel like a weight you carry on your shoulders, making every breath feel hard and every step feel heavy.

We found the fun in it. Attitude is truly everything. -- Julie C.

Once through the initial shock and disbelief, the resiliency of the human spirit begins to overcome the burden of fear and sadness. Life becomes a second chance, a new opportunity to experience joy. You learn to laugh again. Let your sense of humor help you find the small moments to savor, even when the small moments seem buried in the midst of hard days. Open the door to your happiness. Laughter lifts the spirit and heals the soul.

"You're doing all of this in front of the man you've been married to for two weeks, you start to get a little comfortable."
"We laugh about stuff that other people don't get...there's silence in the room."
"We still had fun and laughed and tried to stay happy about things."
"She said at least you've got some boobs that will never sag."