Finding the Gift
I've come face-to-face with my mortality and I realize that life is short. I've got to live it to the fullest. That's the gift. That insight. That's the gift.

A cancer diagnosis has a profound impact on your life and shapes how you view your world. It brings anticipated challenges and unexpected gifts.

I think it was an eye-opener and I think we valued each other and the time we spent together but it really puts it in perspective. You realize what you have when you have that moment that you think maybe it's going to be taken away. -- Sean D.

Many women describe a heightened awareness of the simple blessings of an ordinary day and an increased appreciation for the family and friends that enrich their lives. They have a new realization of what is truly important; focusing on the big picture instead of worrying about the inconvenience, frustration or stress that accompanies every day life.

Life is embraced and lived to the fullest. Small beautiful moments are seized and savored. Wisdom is found. Life is a gift.

"My biggest goal is just to be happy where I am everyday doing simple things. Moment to moment happiness is more important than anything."
"You come through it changed. It's a deeper awareness of living, a deeper sense of authenticity, and clarity about how I live my life."
"Maybe not everybody has breast cancer, but life is just hard. The more I looked around the more I saw. I feel like my eyes were opened to that common bond of suffering."
"Let's go ahead and do these crazy things with the kids and enjoy life more instead of worrying about the small stuff that never seems to transpire."
"We talk about how much we learned about how much people care about us and what you can get through."
"She's been able to emotionally grow into a women that could probably tackle anything."