• Sharing
    Sharing. (v.) To relate (a story or experience) to another or others. Our promise at the Pink Ribbon Story Foundation  is to empower women with breast cancer to share their stories, helping themselves and others to learn from their experiences, and to be better advocates for their own recovery.
  • Learning
    Learning. (v.) To acquire knowledge through study, experience or being taught. We at the Pink Ribbon Story Foundation believe that the women who've already traveled the path of a breast cancer diagnosis serve as the first line of credible information regarding the many facets of surviving breast cancer; physically and emotionally.
  • Healing
    Healing. (v.) To restore to health or wellness, to cure. It is Pink Ribbon Story Foundation's mission to create a nation-wide network of women giving each other strength, hope, and answers; healing one another and themselves.
  • Helping
    Helping. (v.) To give assistance or support to another or others. It is only through the gracious donations of supporters and sponsors and the time given by selfless volunteers that we exist. We invite you to help us reach our goals.
  • Donate
    Donate. (v.) To give (money or goods) for a a good cause. Your donation helps PRSF continue to document and disseminate the powerful stories of those affected by breast cancer; building a community centered around education, understanding and empowerment.
"I just wish it wasn't the word cancer"
"It's the best sorority with the worst initiation"
"It takes great strength to lean on other people and to allow other people to be strong for you."
"I'll never forget that day... I was diagnosed with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma."
"I look back and I think that it just seemed like it would take a really long time and it's really just a small part of so much more life that we have."
Being a Mother With Breast Cancer
"When you care about somebody, you're not going to let them do it alone."
"I've come face-to-face with my mortality and I realize that life is short. I've got to live it to the fullest. That's the gift. That insight. That's the gift."

We at Pink Ribbon Story Foundation believe that women with breast cancer and their families have the most important perspectives on the disease and are the best teachers. With truth spoken from the heart, theirs are stories that must be told.

Our mission is to empower women with breast cancer to share their stories, helping themselves and others learn from their unique experiences, and to be better advocates for their treatment and recovery.

There is no medicine more powerful than sharing your story
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